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Kaya Ladejobi, CFP®

Virtual Office Hours: Ask A CFP®

Book your 1-hour session ($495)

This option is for those with money questions and no existing advisory relationship. You want to talk to someone who doesn’t sell financial products or receive commissions based on recommendations. You’ll receive sound financial guidance drawn from my years of experience working with real clients, and also all of my technical knowledge as a CFP® and MBA. I was working in this industry during the last financial crisis and I know how to help people adjust and pivot during challenging times. 

Your 1-hour session is open to tackle whatever questions or concerns you have. We’ll address as much as we can in the time frame we have. Have any documents you want to discuss available and be prepared to screen-share if needed. We’ll meet via Zoom Video. 

Keep in mind that we’ll not be able to do in-depth analysis on certain questions due to the time constraints.