A customized plan to guide you every step of the way.

Comprehensive Financial Planning + Investment Management

You'll experience an attentive, hands-on service designed to address where you are. Life doesn’t stand still and neither should your financial plan.

Our clients enjoy receiving guidance throughout the year, which is why we’ll partner with you all year to manage cash-flow, minimize risk and taxes, and grow assets.

Our services cover a wide range of planning topics:

Cash Flow & Budgeting

Are you spending less than you earn and able to set money aside for your goals?

How can you shift around your expenses so you can fund the things that matter most?

Tax Planning & Employee Benefits

How can you keep more of what you earn and minimize unnecessary taxes?

Equity & Stock Compensation

Understanding your equity compensation and maximizing your holdings to meet your goals

Debt Management

How quickly can you become debt-free?

Which debts to pay-off, refinance, or de-prioritize?

Investments & Retirement Planning

Should you be investing now, in what assets, and how much?

Does your investment strategy match your goals, time-frame, and risk tolerance?

Should you be investing in real estate, what kind, and how to evaluate a property?

Risk Management (Protection)

Are you and your assets adequately protected against negative events?

Estate Planning

Do you have a plan for when you are unable to make decisions for yourself or loved ones?

How do you prevent your loved ones from inheriting a financial mess while grieving?

Do you have a plan for your digital footprint and online assets?

Career & Business Choices

Are you maximizing all of the skills and resources that you have?

What can you do to get more out of your work life?

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Our Comprehensive Planning Process

Year 1
Start here
Book a free 45-min discovery call to discuss your goals, concerns, and see if it's a fit. You'll complete the
pre-meeting questionnaire prior to this video call.
Start here
Become a client
On-Boarding & setup
- Sign Agreement & Set-Up Payment
- Schedule Our 1st Planning Meeting
- Complete Data-Gathering Actions
- Get organized Meeting (Optional)
Become a client
Meeting #1
Goals & cash flow
Duration: 1.5 hr (Single), 2hrs (Couples)

Overview of your current financial picture, your
net-worth, align your goals, and proposed cash-flow plan. We'll leave this meeting knowing exactly what we want to accomplish in the next 12 months.
Meeting #1
Meeting #2
Cash Flow Implementation
Duration: 1hr (Single), 1.5hrs (Couples)

We'll make any remaining tweaks to your cashflow plan and then set up the automation. New accounts will be established as-needed.
Meeting #2
Meeting #3
Duration: 1hr (Single), 1.5hrs (Couples)

We'll go over stock market investing, discuss your risk tolerance, and your specific investment strategy. We'll establish your investment account and recurring contributions.
Meeting #3
Meeting #4
Duration: 1hr (Single), 1.5hrs (Couples)

We'll review the risks to your financial goals and
kick-off the process to fill any gaps.
Areas addressed: life, disability, property (home, renters, car)
Meeting #4
Meeting #5
Special topics (optional)​
- College Savings
- Real Estate Investing
- Stock Options/Compensation
- Starting a Business
- Major Purchase
- Career Change
- Alternative Investing
Meeting #5
Meeting #6
Duration: 0.5hr (Single), 1hr (Couples)

Review estate-planning goals & discuss gaps. Decide which attorney you'd like to work with from referred list. We'll kick-off the process of getting your documents prepared.
Meeting #6

We’ll do all the relevant meetings and implement each strategy chosen.
A meeting will kick-off a particular topic, then we’ll continue to work together via email and phone to finish each area.
Tri-Annual (every 4 months) meetings or check-ins begin after the initial planning phase.
See annual service calendar for reference.

year 2+

On-Going Service Calendar:

Financial Planning Process
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Fee Schedule

Pay one annual flat-fee for planning and investments.

Fees are paid monthly or quarterly via ACH depending on your preference.

Client type
Annual Fee (Monthly)
Single, W-2 Earner
$5,400 ($450/mo.)
Single, W-2 Earner w/ Kids
$6,000 ($500/mo.)
Couple Only, W-2 Earners
$6,600 ($550/mo.)
Couple With Kids, W-2 Earners
$7,200 ($600/mo.)
Self-Employed/Business Owner
Starts at $9,000 ($750/mo.)
Investable Assets Are $1M+
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Who are our clients?

Our typical client is a woman in her 30’s or 40’s earning $200k+ if single, or a dual-career household earning $300k+. Common industry backgrounds include law, tech, media & entertainment, and healthcare. 

Our typical business-owner clients manage small businesses (5 or fewer employees) who have between $300k to $5M in revenue. Many clients are 1st generation high-earners, or 1st generation professionals. They may earn more or have more money than their immediate friends and family, or are the first to attain a certain level of education or professional success.

You might be a great fit for us
if you:
  • Want to develop a long-term relationship with an advisor to guide you and your family
  • Value expert advice and are ready to delegate the heavy “thinking” about your finances to us
  • Want to know that your loved ones will be taken care of if something happens to you
  • Are motivated to unlock the next tier of achievement with your money

Interested in working together?