Bar_Divider“Your entire financial house sits on your cash-flow foundation”

Designed to help our clients build a solid foundation upon which their long-term wealth will be based. Converting earned income into lasting wealth is no easy feat and requires tremendous discipline and smart planning. While cash-flow planning, debt management, and establishing an emergency fund might seem trivial, these elements comprise the bedrock of a great financial plan. This service is designed for individuals and households earning no more than ~$200k annually and with a minimal amount of investable assets outside of workplace retirement plans. If your income exceeds $200k, and/or you are a business owner, your needs will be better served with Comprehensive Financial Planning.

Ideal for:
  • “Beginners” to financial planning and/or those without dependents
  • Anyone feeling overwhelmed by expenses and/or debt
  • Anyone not generating enough income to invest outside of their employer retirement plans
Topics Addressed Include:
  • Your Financial Goals
  • Cash Flow & Savings Strategy for different goals
  • Work Place Benefits (includes retirement plans such as 401k & similar)
  • Debt (Student Loans, Credit Cards, etc) & Credit Profile
  • Income Protection (Disability Income Insurance)
What’s Included?
  • 2-3 initial meetings in-person (NYC or NJ office) or virtually (via video conference) to deliver your personalized financial roadmap
  • Behind-the-scenes time to be spent preparing, analyzing, and developing your unique financial roadmap
  • Online access to customized tools to view your plan and manage your finances*
  • Implementation support & coaching for executing your financial plan action-items*
  • Email & phone access to a CFP advisor for financial questions that arise throughout the year*
  • Check-In Meetings & Plan Updates*
  • Access to investment management services*

Package Options & Fees: Individuals: $500 Engagement Fee + 6-Month Option $1500 ($250/mo.), or + 12-Month Option $2700 ($225/mo.) Couples: $750 Engagement Fee + 6-Month Option $2250 ($375/mo.), or + 12-Month Option $3900 ($325/mo.)